Frequently Asked Questions

How quick can we start?

After the signing of agreement we’ll start the installation for you within 24 hours. In maximun 14 days you’ll have your platform up and running.

Is it possbile to customize platform for my business?

Yes! We do changes according to your brand requirements, as well as features customization for your needs.

Can I use DELY for a single restaurant or chain?

Yes! Check out all the possibilities here.

This all sounds great. Can I see a live example of its implementation?

Can I use delivery app separately?

Yes! DELY is written using microservices which allows you to use all its components independently.

I’m already using other e-commerce software for my business, can I connect it to a DELY module?

Yes, we do it through APIs. We have a vast experience in integrations, so we can feel the gap in your operations with the required DELY module.

May I test the platform from inside?

Yes! We’ll provide you with a sandbox environment, where you can test DELY features. Just book a demo with us.

Can I connect printers to the merchant software?

Yes! We integrate them through their APIs.

Do you have the client software as a website on mobile app?

Both. Actually three of them – tablets can be easily used as well.

For how long DELY exists?

DELY was launched in July 2021.

How can my business benefit from using DELY?

If you are working with food marketplaces and paying them around 25% in fees, Dely will help you save that money and will conect you to your customers direcly. You dont need a marketplace middleman for running your busines. 

My business requires very specific features, can you implement them?

Sure! We have a team of developers who can build custom features, that will meet your requirements.