Restaurant solution

All-in-one white-label solutions for restaurants that includes online ordering, automatic orders and fleet management applications and integrations with other required software.

Restaurant app

Easy food ordering from the restaurant

Order food and drinks in several clicks and get them in the minimum time possible.

Live tracking and notifications

Track order status and courier location and get notified when your order is nearby.

Shared group order

Order with friends fast, easy and at the same time, split order price and delivery, get group bonuses.

Discounts and special offers

Any offer types you can imagine from simple discounts to customizable referral campaigns.

Orders history

Check your previous orders, leave feedback, reorder anytime.


All favourite or previously selected items at your fingertips: restaurants, goods, addresses and other.

Accept all payments

Let your Customers choose any mode of payment they wish. No Limits. We support Cash on Delivery / Credit Card / Debit Card

Order at a certain time

Plan to order in advance? No problem, we’ll make sure you receive your goods just in time.

Real-time order tracking

The users can track the order while it is being prepared,
as well as monitor the courier on the map in real-time.

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Smooth user journey

Driver App

Receiving and delivering orders

The application intuitively walks the couriers through the delivery process.

Deliver several orders at a time

The couriers can take multiple orders which shortens the delivery time and increases their earnings.

Maps and routing

The application will guide the couriers on the route, offering the best logistics possible.

Order history and earnings

We use the order and earning history to keep the couriers motivated and improve their retention.

Order Management System

Receiving and processing orders

Orders are received by the corresponding supplier branch and are processed using an intuitive interface.

Setting time intervals for each step

Each preparation and packing step has a computed time interval to better estimate the further steps.

Goods management

All the goods are managed in one place, allowing to add special offers and discounts.

Managing branches

Supplier branches are managed by the application administrator.

Orders tracking

All the orders are tracked in real-time from any device with the corresponding permissions.

Client feedback

We gather the feedback from the clients and share it with the suppliers.

Clean and focused

We’ve designed a clean and focused interface for the users to easily access the features they need right now and not worry about stuff they are not in charge of.

Interaction with the users

In-app sounds were specially designed to make restaurant and shop workers, who are often in a rush, aware of the things happening and force them to interact with the system even if they are away from the device.

Administration Panel

Suppliers management

Manage your suppliers and their branches in one single place.

Products management

Add, modify or delete menus, products, items and their attributes.

Fleet management

Manage couriers and get reports on their activity and earnings.

Automatic couriers assignment

Assign couriers automatically based on their location, load, rating and delivery type.

Orders management

Track and modify all the orders in the system, make complete or partial refunds, and download reports.

Users management

Manage your staff, their access levels, responsibilities and duties.

Special offers management

Create customizable offers, offer discounts, free deliveries and many others.

Reporting system

Create custom reports or use the most popular predefined ones.

Marketing campaigns

Easy manage marketing campaigns and monitor their results.

Transactions tracking

Track transactions, make refunds, resolve any issues that appear.

Orders distribution and tracking

Panel for the operators, dispatchers and administrators to receive, distribute and track the orders, as well as manage restaurants, shops,  menus, products, couriers, etc.

How it works