Delivery solution

Automatic white label delivery application for receiving, processing, and delivering orders.

Driver App

Receiving and delivering orders

The application intuitively walks the couriers through the delivery process.

Deliver several orders at a time

The couriers can take multiple orders which shortens the delivery time and increases their earnings.

Maps and routing

The application will guide the couriers on the route, offering the best logistics possible.

Order history and earnings

We use the order and earning history to keep the couriers motivated and improve their retention.

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Statistics on your income

We keep the couriers motivated by offering them detailed order statistics. Our tests showed that this increases their retention by 28%.

Administration Panel

Fleet management

Manage couriers and get reports on their activity and earnings.

Automatic couriers assignment

Assign couriers automatically based on their location, load, rating and delivery type.

Orders distribution and tracking

Panel for the operators, dispatchers and administrators to receive, distribute and track the orders, as well as manage restaurants, shops,  menus, products, couriers, etc.

How it works